Travel Alberta Thrill

Thrill comes in many forms, from the feeling of snow gently falling on your face, to the moment a new trick is perfected, to the sensation of skiing on pillows of snow. It’s these split second moments that we set out to capture through a series of 360 degree cinemagraphs.

Working with Critical Mass, Studio Dialog created a dark environment to give a sculptural quality to the athletes and focus the viewer on the experience of thrill. We borrowed equally from our passion for outdoor sports and visual effects; using practical, in-camera effects and a high speed camera, we brought each moment to life.




Studio Dialog:
Producer: Kent Toth
Director: Steve Seeley
Photography: Robb Thompson
Lead Compositor: Shelley Fried
VFX Supervisor: Calvin Sun

DOP: Dan Dumochel
Dolly Push: Blair Borque
Stylist: Jayna Mansbridge
Makeup: Jenni MacDonald
Gaffer: Nevin Merrells
Swing: Bailey Thalheimer
Craft Service: Paige Boudreau

Critical Mass:
Executive Producer:
Alissa Hansen
Creative Director: Steve Rowcliffe, Christian Welzel
Senior Project Manager:
Amy Dyson
Account Director: Maria Lockhart
Group Strategy Director:
Jared Folkmann
Senior Copywriter: Stefan Smith
Senior Art Director:
Carl Lukasewich

Snow Effects & Rigging:
Arson Inc:
Jason Paradis, 
Mike Gibney, 
Chris MacRae, 
Randall Spate


A camera, shooting high speed, was physically pushed around a circular track focusing on the talent who was rigged in mid air. Artificial snow was blown around the talent using various techniques. Very few snow effects were added in post, the goal was to make the videos using practical techniques.


Behind the scenes